Animation Backgrounds

This is an oldie but goodie. "In this blog, you'll find an exciting plethora of inspirational background artwork from animated shorts and movies." Color & Light This Blog is a collection of master paintings all compiled into one resource. It is a great source for inspiration for both animators and illustrators alike.

To Write Comics on Her Arm

COMICS, COMICS EVERYWHERE! Great resource for comic fanatics. This blog posts a lot of great examples of excellent compositions, color, use of perspective, and much more-- Animation, Concept Art, Models Sheets, etc. All works published in this blog are the property of their respective owners.

Pascal Campion

Another great resource for animators. This blog posts a countless amount of art and more importantly, inspiration.

From the Cave

Artist and educator, Patrick Ballesteros' shows some of his daily sketches, ideas and illustrations.

Triggerfish Academy

Free online courses offered by the South African animation studio Triggerfish. Helps aspiring animators learn about the craft and what it means to work in the industry. Series of 24 videos explaining the stages of the animation pipeline and outlining the skills necessary to perform each one.

Pixar in a Box

A collaboration between Pixar and Khan Academy, this series of videos shows how traditional school subjects demonstrate how traditional school subjects such as math, science, and computer science are incorporated into Pixar's filmmaking process.


Free learning resource dedicated to the basics of digital painting. Each tutorial covers a different concept, from composition to perspective.

AnimationCareer Pro

Free online courses covering 3D and 2D animation, modeling, and rigging offered by a professional production animator in Toronto.


This website has wonderful collection of life drawing poses, animal reference, environment reference, and more. You can set a time limit for each pose, like gesture drawing in a real life drawing class. You can also filter different categories, so, for example, if you just need practice drawing bugs, you can just practice bugs.

Women In Animation

Women in Animation is a wonderful group for making connections in the animation industry, getting mentorships, touring animation studios, and helping their members get internships and jobs. Despite the name, anyone can join. It’s just their goal as a group to make sure women get fair treatment in the animation industry.

Latinx In Animation

Similar to Women in Animation, LatinX in Animation helps its members make connections and get jobs in the animation industry. Their goal is to make sure the voice of latinx people and all minorities are represented in the animation industry.

Animation Guild

The animation guild ensures ethical treatment of animators. Their website is a good hub for keeping up with what is going on in the animation industry.

The British Museum

The British Museum website features photo reference of their artifacts, as well as information about their artifacts. This is a good resource if you need drawing reference for different time periods. Some of their notable collections include statues and writings from Ancient Egypt and sculptures from Ancient Greece.

The Tate Modern has a large collection of modern art and information about modern artists. It’s a reliable resource for art history research as well as inspiration for your own art.

This blog has a collection of links to different resources for historical fashion. This can help with character design if you need reference for a period piece.