best quarterly portfolio (coming soon)

best quarterly portfolio: student competition

This competition showcases the most talented students in the United States and abroad. The top 10 portfolios are chosen by juried competition and showcased on our website. The jurors are announced before each competition and are representatives from both the professional and educational environments. The winners will be broadcast, through direct email campaigns and social media outlets, so that these students can garner the recognition they deserve, and to provide employment opportunities.

Please pay attention to the application process, and deadline for this competition. Late applications will not be accepted, and cannot roll over to the next cycle. Applicants that do not follow instructions will be automatically disqualified. Due to the amount of applications, only those students that have been selected will be notified. ICDE encourages any non-selected applicant to reapply at the appropriate dates.
All entries are submitted by URL address. If you have any questions please contact ICDE at

Please check the bottom of the homepage for current design competitions.

Instructions for all competitions are as follows:

You will need to fill out the form and send the doc from Adobe Acrobat and not any other program.

Option 1: Fill the form out and submit.
1- Save the form locally (on your computer) and add your name to the document name, for example “ICDE Competition Form-JonDrew.pdf
2- Complete the form you just saved with your information and save it again.
3- Scroll down until you see “Submit Form.” And click on it.
4- Choose the most appropriate option if you are asked how to email it
5- An email will get created with the form being attached and all you have to do is to click on send.
Option 2: Fill the form out and attach to email.
Complete steps 1 & 2 from option 1 above. Once done, place the form as an attachment and send an email to Put the competition name and the order number in the heading.