finishing techniques

 The goal of a package design is not only to attract the eye and build brand recognition, but also to protect the contents, and create a container that opens easily and can be shipped readily. Upon first pursuing and aisle of products, it is the packaging that attracts our eye. Whether the product arrives safely and the package opens easily for the client to consume is dependent on the forethought of the designer. Time-tested, successful packaging that meets these measurements of quality will result in consumer demand and increase shelf space in the hyper competitive market. There is no finer way to meet these objectives then through the use of specialized finishing techniques.
Special coatings and finishing techniques provide protection and visual appeal to a package. These techniques can be bold and aggressive, or bring in air of class and sophistication. Tactile finishing techniques, such as foil stamping, embossing, engraving, and thermography, can create a sense of handcrafted quality. Die cuts in varnishes can further these layers of complexity, or simply provide a protective barrier for the product inside. In many cases, only the use of these techniques will make the package stand out from the plethora of choices.
The following links on finishing techniques show step by step instructions on how to comp these up, but due to the fact they are, in some cases laypersons, the terms use to described the technique maybe wrong. We will do our best to let you know the proper term within the field of graphic Design.
Create your custom bags for your business
This video is a demonstration of a spot varnish, and how to comp it up for client presentation. This is not a demonstration of a mechanical to take to press. Note that she has had a rubber stamp made to put down the clear liquid. If you are good with your hands you can cut a potato in half and carve out the design yourself.
In this video she is referring to what she’s doing as embossing. Note that this is not the right term within our industry. Embossing means something very different within graphic design.
foiling your lettering
This video demonstrates how to comp foil stamping two different ways. Foil stamping is another finishing technique that makes your comp appear to be gold-leafed. Foils come in many different colors, and most paper suppliers have paper samples that demonstrate the different types of foils one can achieve within a design.